Sponsorship Coordinator

Dominick Delgado

Dominick Attended his first Real Estate training in July 2003 and 8 months later, using a Lease Option strategy he purchased his first Single Family Residence with $10 down and resold it on a Lease Option. Over the course of 14 years he has Bought and Sold over 30 properties with no money down strategies. He has performed short sales on properties and in one case he negotiated a hundred and twenty-thousand-dollar lien down to twenty-five thousand accepted settlement. He has purchased property using various purchase methods such as a hard money, notes and deed of trust, wraps, Land Trust, Subject to and Lease Option. He has wholesaled properties to multiple Real Estate Investors within in the last 16 months utilizing some other methods addressed above. 

He is currently a board member of the Salt Lake Real Estate Investors Association. He has found a lot of value with giving back to those members of local REIA’s who want to enhance their knowledge quicker. He works with MJA Real Consulting on their acquisitions team. His responsibilities include finding, negotiating, consulting and assisting investors to build their portfolio.  In addition to loving real estate investing and the lifestyle it can provide. He is a happy husband, proud family of 2 children and loves soccer… He has a man crush for Cristiano Ronaldo!


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