Legal Counsel

Jeff Breglio

Jeff is an attorney and investor living in Salt Lake City, As an attorney he practices asset protection, real estate and investment transaction. He has been an attorney since 1995. He has also been a real estate investor since 2000, a real estate agent for 8 years, is currently an escrow officer and real estate entrepreneur and educator. He is a regular speaker, locally and nationally, to various groups on legal issues of real estate investment, self-direction, asset protection and corporate liability. Jeff is a board member and attorney for the Salt Lake Real Estate Investors Association, been a board member and education coordinator for the Utah REIA, as well as a board member of two non-profit organizations and a Salt Lake City community councilman. He has created over 1000 business and protection entities, worked with 1000s clients and been a part of 1000s of real estate investment transactions. He currently has both residential and commercial investment properties and private lender.


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