Juston Puchar

Juston Puchar is a problem solver. After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad in college Juston knew that real estate would be his career. He began in the mortgage industry, where he was quick to catch on to the game of finance and the influence of sales. While originating mortgages, he quickly realized he understood the inner workings of real estate, and investing became a natural transition.

He has worked representing large banks on REO assets, negotiated short sales, bought at foreclosure auctions, and continually utilizes creative financing methods- all key tools in acquiring and keeping real wealth.

Juston has also consulted in over 20 states, with both novice and experienced investors. Bringing his wide array of skills to the forefront in our ever-changing market; he enjoys the process of finding opportunities and avoiding risk.

Juston actively maintains a portfolio of real estate and spends his time in short and long-term investments. His ability to see the end result and quick decision making are key disciplines in prosperity.

Of course, Juston’s favorite place to invest is at home with his family. He enjoys the outdoors, is an avid cyclist, and loves almost anything that allows him to compete. He and his family reside in Cottonwood Heights.


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