Question: When is the Club Meetings?

Answer: Second Wednesday’s of EVERY month, 6:30 p.m., except for special occasions. Sometimes we shift the date of the Christmas meeting.

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Question: Where?

Answer: Larry H Miller Entrepreneur Center, SLCC Campus. 9750 S 300 W. (frontage road, West Side of the Freeway I-15). Just park in the parking lot and follow any group of odd-looking people.

Question: Who’s in Charge?

Answer: Lisa. But Randall Wall is the President.
See “About Us”.

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Question: Can I advertise my business?

Answer: Yes. Definitely. There are lots of options. The best way is to give a 5 minute presentation with slides explaining what you do. You can also get a display table in the foyer. You can hand out flyers.
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You can post small ads on the “Haves/Wants” bulletin board. We often have 120+ members in attendance. You can also advertise on the website. For costs and rules of advertising through the club, see “Promote Your Business” on this website.
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Question: What’s up with these networking luncheons? Do they cost anything?

Answer: They only cost whatever you buy for lunch. There is one in Sandy on the 1st Friday and one in Salt Lake on the 3rd Friday. Since the group is smaller the networking is even better. You can sit down and really get to know people.

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