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As a real estate investor, we’re always hearing how important marketing is to your investment business. And the reality it is. How is any one going to know you buy houses unless you let everyone know “I buy houses!”?

Marketing tends to be a combination of timeless fundamentals and evolving processes. With marketing, the fundamentals that remain the same include identifying your target audience, creating campaigns, developing a budget, etc. While a good example of evolving processes is…20 years ago if you were a plumber, you placed an ad in the phone book and your phone would ring. Today it’s having a website, Facebook, Twitter, etc to get your phone to ring.

The basics of marketing can be found in most books on the topic, but how do you savvy with the evolving part of marketing?

Here’s three ways that you can fit developing your marketing knowledge in to your busy schedule. They aren’t specific to real estate but many of the tips, tricks, and insights can be applied to what you do.

I’m currently signed up to receive newsletters and daily emails from Marketo, Marketing Profs, and Social Media Today. What’s great about this is …I’m receiving marketing expertise delivered right into my inbox! What’s also great is these companies will email you free ebooks they’ve created on occasion.

Marketo –
Marketing Profs –
Social Media Today –

One of the other ways the companies above share their insightful marketing expertise is through webinars. Besides being sent ebooks I also get invites for webinars. In most cases they tend to have a pitch for an event the company holding, but none the less the meat and potatoes of the webinars still holds value.

One of the ways I stay educated and engaged with real estate investing between monthly REIA meetings is through podcasts. But I also listen to two or three marketing podcast as well. iTunes is what I use to listen to my podcast. You can search for real estate investing and marketing podcasts and get quite a few to choose from.

I primarily listen to the following marketing podcast:
Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield
Social Media Marketing by Michael Stelzner


by Jason Fraser

SLREIA Sponsorship Cooridinator


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