How to Inspect Sewer Lines.

When buying a home, it is a good idea to have the sewer lines inspected. Even if the home is newer and things seem to flow and flush well, there is always the chance that things down there don’t look too good.
Plumbers can do this for you with a scoping camera. A scoping camera is typically a video camera that has a recording unit. Shop around. You want honesty, integrity and a fair price. Buyer beware in this market, plumbers do not price the same or have similar equipment. You want to be sure that after scoping, you will have a high-quality HD color video burnt onto a DVD or thumb drive. You are paying to look through your system, so you want to ensure that you can actually see what is going on down there. Tell the plumber that you want a full scope: all the way from the start of the line to the end of the line, where it meets the city sewer line. Anything between your home and the city sewer line is your property and your responsibility if something goes wrong.
Sewer line problems can be very costly, so protect your investment by ensuring that your lines are in good condition. Minor root intrusion is a very typical issue and is not a big deal – although you will want to take care of it. Here again – shop around. Make sure you get what you’re looking for at a good price. You will want to have the line cleaned out with a blade. A plumber will use a blade the same diameter as your line to cut the roots out. Do Not let them use anything but a blade for this job. Some plumbers want to twist them out or pull them, but that usually causes a bigger problem because as the roots are pulled or twisted it causes more pressure on the sewer line and can actually rip a hole in the line, crumble it around the root, or cause a bigger crack than before. Cutting the roots with a blade is by far the most effective, safest way to clear your sewer lines of plant matter.
Be sure to have the sewer line re-scoped after the roots have been cleared out so that you are ensured the job was done correctly and completely.
By the Muve Group Edited by Officient, LLC


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